Air Receiver Tank

Air Receiver Tank

We have made the Vertical Air Receiver Tank consist of a Cylindrical vertical shell with standard Tori spherical/ Ellipsoidal dish on both ends. Connection As Per Requirement Of Client , Thickness Is deepened On diameter , Length of Tank & Working Pressure Of Tank Pressure 0.1 Bar To 350 Bar

Abster Provide You Pressure Gauge , Safety Valve , Drain Valve and all Other Accessories

Provide Excellent Finish , Long Lasting , Easy to clean Tank , Leek Proof Tank

We Provide Tank with QC Dossier (Hydro test Report ,Drawing ,Material Test Report ,Internal Inspection Report ,1 year Warranty and more detail )

Application Industries

  • – All Industries
  • – Packaging Industries
  • – Chemical Industries
  • – Rubber Industries
  • – Textiles industries

Pressure reaction vessel

Pressure reaction vessel

Vertical MS Air Receiver Storage Tank, 0-100 psi, Storage Capacity: 1000-5000 L

Product Details:

Storage Capacity 10000 L
Tank Orientation Vertical
Pressure Rating100 psi
Usage/ApplicationAir And Gas Storage
Tank Height7 Feet
Tank Diameter4 Feet
Max. Pressure70 Bar

Air Receiver Tank is required to store compressed air so that it can be used as and when needed. Storage is useful to control uncertainty in-demand events.


  • High capacities
  • Compact design
  • Safe operation
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