Solution Preparation vessel

Solution Preparation vessel

ABFINDIA has been designed & manufacturing Solution preparation vessels, Reactor and storage tank and has consolidated a process as customer needs.

Solution Preparation vessel Stainless Steel Solution Preparation vessel


  • Design compliance with cGMP
  • Capacity up to 25,000 Liter.
  • Product Contact AISI 316L.
  • Vertical & Horizontal design
  • Atmospheric, Vacuum or Pressure Operation.
  • Plain, Jacket for heating & cooling.
  • Option for Heating by steam, hot water or tharic fluid oil & Electric heater
  • Thermal Insulated.
  • Mechanicals or Electro polishing of internal surface.
  • Welded, flanged or hinged type cover
  • Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP.
  • Sterilizing In Place-SIP as an Option.
  • Option for mounting on legs or flange.
  • Portable execution on request.
  • Validation protocols & Instrumentation celebration.


  • Agitator can be top or bottom driven or magnetically driven.
  • Propeller type, Anchor type provided with High speed disperser or rotor-stator homogenizer.
  • Single or double mechanical seal.


  • For production, filtration, transfer and storage solution.
  • Pre reparation vessels.
  • Inline homogenizer.
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • Solid or sugar Charging System
  • Working Platform.

Product Description:

  • Solution tank with Variable Frequency Drive with stirrer and mount on Castor wheel for ease of movement.
  • Tangential discharge of solution for spraying from bottom of tank.
  • Manually operated ball valve at the center of tank for cleaning.
  • Direct motor drive for impeller and control through variable frequency drive
  • Anchor type impeller at maximum level of tank for mixing of minimum solution.
  • 25 % open able type top cover for process visualization.
  • Jacketed tank can be provided for sugar coating application at an additional cost.
  • Separate liquid line will be carried out from the bottom of tank for each spray nozzle for equal flow.
  • Returned excess liquid line is provided in spray arm assembly which will discharge the excess liquid in to tank through returned liquid line.
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