veneer core press dryer

Veneer Core Dryer machine

Veneer Core Drying hydraulic hot press machine is used to drying the veneer core. This machine is widely used in the all kind of plywood, block board, veneer making companies, this press machine is also known as press type veneer dryer machine. We are leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of hydraulic press type veneer dryer machine/ core veneer drying machine from India based.

veneer core dryer machine

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Machine's Features

• Uniformly press & drying the core veneers
• International standards hydraulic & electrical components
• Standard accessory for no maintenance
• Window type Structure for long life.
• PLC/ PB controller for simultaneous and continuous pressure on core veneers
• High grade & tested material are used for fabrication structure & platens
• Fluid seals are used in the cylinders to avoid oil linking
• Machine openings multi daylights (platens)
• Vibration less & rigid construction
• Easily operation
• Leading services
• Less maintenance

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