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Vacuum Paste Mixer

Vacuum Paste MixerVacuum Paste Mixer is our specially designed and manufactured machine for emulsifying and mixing high viscous materials in industries such as coating, pharmacy, daily chemical, adhesives. The part contacting with materials is all stainless steel with excellent quality. All the interface adopt DIN standard quick connection. All joints inside the vessel is with smooth arc transition. Scraper is optional to prevent any dead corner during mixing. It is suitable for emulsifying, defoaming and mixing process.

Vacuum Paste mixer is customized equipment. It is designed according to customer's production processing. Various agitators are available for mixing, blending or vacuum defoaming different materials. Following system are optional: Batching system, discharging system, cooling/heating temperature control system, vacuum system, pH value online measurement and control, CIP cleaning system etc...It is with wide application range, the process is controllable.

Working principle:

Agitators are rotating in fixed direction by power unit. During the rotating process, the agitators drive the materials rotate in axial and radial direction resulting in material axial motion and circular motion in the container at the same time. So the materials, under action of shearing mixing and diffusion mixing as well as other mixing effect at same time, are dispersed and mixed efficiently. Vacuum system adopts vacuum pump unit, negative pressure in tank can reach up to -0.09Mpa to realize vacuum defoaming or gas protection.