Spiral Type tablet dedusters Tablet Deduster

Spiral Type Tablet dedusters Tablet Deduster

high-speed Spiral Type tablet dedusters Tablet Deduster is a special equipment to wipe out burr and dust of tablet whilst going up way. It can be connected with tablet press and metal detection systems. stainless steel are used for all metal parts contacting tablets.

tablet-dedustertablet-deburring machine

Tablet Dedusting Features

  • Design of GMP
  • Removing burrs and dust whilst tablets are being transported upwards by vibration through spirals without damaging the tablet
  • Larger channel, longer spirals, higher efficiently
  • Less process, gently work
  • Vibration and output can be adjusted continuously
  • Easy removal and clean
  • Running stably and reliable
Tablet Deduster Specifications:
Charging Height775 mm to 975 mm
Discharging Height775 mm to 975 mm
Total Height910 mm to 1110 mm
Output (@5 mm tablet)4,00,000 T/hr
Minimum tablet5 mm diameter
Maximum tablet40 mm diameter
Passage size130 mm x 200 mm
Dedusting distance2.25 metre and 4.5 meter
Total weight of machine75 kg.
Power supply0.50 H.P. x 230V Single phase x 50Hz x AC