Vertical Silo Mixer

Silo Mixer Vertical

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agitator mixer

Advantages of the vertical mixing silos :

We are lead manufacturer and supplier of Vertical Spiral Mixer Machines. The materials to be mixed are fed into the mixing s ilo either from the top via a cyclone or via the feed hopper a t the conical lower section. In the screw housing the conveying s crew transports the materials vertically upward where - due to the rotational movement - they will be radially dischar ged into the silo's storage space. In this way an intensive inter mixing of the fed materials is achieved

  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • • Industrial grade augers
  • • TEFC motors
  • • Multi-belt drive
  • • HD top drive bearing
  • • 60 degree cone
  • • Discharge slide gate
  • • gravity discharge
  • • Easily integrates with Ensign's automated
  • bulk bag filling system
  • • Lube free lower composite bushing for low maintenance operation
  • • Smart maintenance features